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2010 Green Business Expo

Green Business Expo

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The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) was pleased to present its inaugural Green Business Expo on Wednesday, August 25 from 7:00 am - 4:30 pm. This timely exposition showcased 9 presenters and exhibits from other innovative businesses. These businesses offered real cost saving opportunities for private and public enterprises, as well as provided an environmental return for the citizens of Louisiana. The interactive program focused on creating a synergy between economic reality and environmental quality of life improvements through partnering with established and community stakeholders, innovative business concepts, and market opportunities. Participants assisted in building a report card which scores presenters and exhibitors on implementation possibilities of their technology. LDEQ will issue an annual report card on the actual implementation of the businesses as well as calculations of data designed to illustrate the lowered impact on our environment by placing their products into the stream of commerce. Members from industry, federal, state, local government, and consumers attended the event.

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All representations made by participating companies are based solely upon information received from the participating companies. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality does not endorse or provide any warranty as to any representations made thereof. Please contact the participating companies directly to inquire about services, prices, availability, qualifications, etc.


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