National Emissions Inventory Review

2014 National Emissions Inventory Version 1 Review

**An issue with the PM augmentation has been identified and will apply to all LA facilities.**

The ERIC data uploaded to EPA was identified as PM-Filterable instead of PM-Primary, aka "Total PM".  This has resulted in the EPA PM augmentation tool to increase PM totals. An update will be posted as soon as we have more information about the resolution of this problem.

2014NEIv1 Draft
EPA Emission Operating Type Codes
EPA Source Type Codes

EPA Augmentation Resources

EPA NEI Data Set Hierarchy



Data Source



PM species added to gap fill missing State/Local/Tribe (S/L/T) agency data or make corrections where S/L/T agency have inconsistent PM species’ emissions. Uses speciation factors from the PM Calculator for covered SCCs. For others, checks/corrects discrepancies or missing PM species using basic relationships such as ensuring that primary PM is greater than or equal filterable PM. This dataset is ahead of the S/L/T agency data because in addition to filling in missing data, it also corrects S/L/T agency values based on feedback from the agencies.



ERIC routine and variance emissions data.. S/L/T agency data are selected ahead of other datasets except the 2014EPA_PM-Augmentation (above).



HAP and CAP emissions from 3 sources:

1. MATS EFs and 2014 throughput—for lead, mercury, other HAP metals, acid gas HAP and PM emissions from the MATS rule information collection request, including unit-specific test data and emissions data derived from EFs from a 2010 testing program and 2011 throughput. PM used only where PM25-FIL and PM-CON were tested. Throughput primarily from CAMD but also used EIA and data provided by Puerto Rico for EGUs

2. CAMD CEMs data for SO2 and NOx

3. EFs used in previous year inventories from AP-42 and other sources along with CAMD heat input data.



Hexavalent and trivalent chromium speciated from S/L/T reported chromium. New EIS augmentation function creates the dataset by applying multiplication factors by SCC, facility, process or North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code to S/L/T chromium.



Toxics Release Inventory data for the year 2014. These data are selected for a facility only when alternative emissions are not included in the S/L/T agency data.



HAP data computed from S/L/T agency criteria pollutant data using HAP/CAP emission factor ratios based on the EPA Factor Information Retrieval System (WebFIRE) database. These data are selected for a facility only when not included in the S/L/T agency data or TRI data.

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