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2016 Reporting Year Resources

What's New! Reporting Year 2016 Guidance 
Reporting Year 2016 Webinar Presentation

2015 Reporting Year Resources

What's New! Reporting Year 2015 Guidance 
Reporting Year 2015 Webinar Presentation
Reporting Year 2015 Hands-on Presentation

2014 Reporting Year Resources

Reporting Year 2014 Guidance
Reporting Year 2014 Known Issues and Proposed Enhancements
Reporting Year 2014 Webinar Presentation
2014 Reporting Year Hands-on Presentation

2013 Reporting Year Resources

Reporting Year 2013 ERIC Hands-on Training Presentation
Reporting Year 2013 ERIC Webinar Presentation
Reporting Year 2013 Guidance
ERIC Account Transitions

2012 Reporting Year Resources

Consultants were reminded that DEQ does not grant them access to a facility's ERIC account. They must make a request in the ERIC system and then follow up with the facility's ERIC Account Administrator to have them act on their request. For more information, please refer to the ERIC User Manual or to the "How Do I" Guide that are both posted under the Quick Links section of the ERIC main page.

Hours/year (hr/yr) was added to the list of available annual throughput units on the Process tab.

With regards to 2012 being a leap year:
If a source operated year round, emissions should be calculated using 8784 hours/year and then facilities should report 24 hours, 7 days, 52 weeks (8760 hours/year) on the process.

2012 User Training Presentation
2012 Guidance Document

2010 Reporting Year Resources

Special Notices for 2010 Reporting Year
Reporting Year 2010 ERIC User Training Presentation
The reporting deadline was extended until April 30, 2011 through Administrative Notice

2009 Reporting Year Resources

March 4, 2010 Notice of Extension
Reporting Year 2009 ERIC User Training Presentation

2008 Reporting Year Resources

Guidance Document
RY2008 EI Deadline Extension
Potpourri Notice of EI Deadline Extension
2009 Spring Training Presentation for RY 2008

2007 Reporting Year Resources

Guidance Document

2006 Reporting Year Resources

May 2007 Potpourri Notice to extend the reporting deadline for BOTH Emissions Inventory and TEDI to September 1, 2007.
Declaratory Ruling 2007-001 - Affects permitees holding permits with specific conditions that may conflict with the 12/20/06 Potpourri Notice.
March 15, 2007 Presentation to AWMA members on ERIC System
Listing of Required Data Elements and Changes from Legacy System
Rescission of Potpourri Notice for Collection of Emissions Inventory Data for Ozone Control in the Calcasieu Parish area

Transition from EIS to ERIC

In June 2005, DEQ convened a stakeholder meeting to kick off the project that was designed to update and enhance the existing emissions inventory reporting system.  Based upon input from that initial meeting and a number of smaller workgroup meetings, DEQ developed a scope of services.  In July 2006, DEQ entered into a contract with ENVIRON Corporation to perform the work.  In early April 2007, the ERIC system was launched. This new system is a web based application that utilizes a secure login, and many other features designed to make it easier and faster for facilities to report their emissions data in accordance with the requirements of sections 919 and 5107 of the air regulations. 

In order to ensure that facilities understood the reporting changes for their 2006 data and that they had adequate time to submit their first inventories in the ERIC system, DEQ provided guidance thru issuance of three potpourri notices.  The last of these was published on May 20, 2007 and extended the reporting deadlines for both EI and TEDI until September 1, 2007.

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