Statewide Ozone Steering Committee

About the Committee

In April 2008, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality launched a new statewide effort to combat ozone and improve air quality. The formation of a Statewide Ozone Steering Committee will be a key factor in an air quality education and awareness campaign. 

The steering committee includes representation from state and local governments, environmental groups, industry, non-profit organizations, trade and community groups. One of the primary goals of this committee is to encourage communities to start their own clean-air coalitions, promote early-action measures to mitigate the impact of the new standard and work with the Congress on Clean Air Act reforms.

Air quality in Louisiana has continued to improve, but on March 12, the Environmental Protection Agency made the standard for ozone stricter, by changing it from 80 parts per billion to 75 parts per billion. The stricter standard could put much of the state out of attainment for ozone. Before the change, the state’s only nonattainment area was the five-parish Baton Rouge area.  We collectively need to tap into every available resource in order to find new and creative ways to effectively reduce ozone and its precursors.


Assignments to Subcommittees


In the kickoff meeting for the statewide committee that was held on April 11, 2008, DEQ Assistant Secretary Lou Buatt established three subcommittees to address both short and long-term efforts related to ozone attainment in Louisiana.

Presentations Subcommittee

The goals of this subcommittee are to prepare presentations that will be taken "on the road" for meetings with local community leaders, regulators, industry and the public.  The presentations will be given by a team that will ensure that a complete and holistic picture is given.  This subcommittee is chaired by Vivian Aucoin (DEQ).  Click here for the Meeting Schedule 

Early Actions Subcommittee

This subcommittee will identify early action measures that communities can take to prevent ozone nonattainment.  This subcommittee is chaired by Maurice Oubre (DEQ).

Clean Air Act Reforms Subcommittee   

This subcommittee will explore and focus on needed revisions to the Clean Air Act. This subcommittee is chaired by Michael Vince (DEQ).


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