Business and Community Outreach and Incentives Division

The Business and Community Outreach and Incentives Division plays a support role for many of the more traditional programs within the department. This new Division administers the Small Business Assistance/Small Community Assistance Program, the Louisiana Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program, the Louisiana Environmental Leadership program, the Drinking Water Protection Program, the Aquifer Sampling and Assessment Program and the Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program. 
The Small Business / Community Assistance Program works with entities that might need a little extra help to comply with environmental regulations. On-site visits are made to help explain permit requirements, conduct pollution audits or to complete permit applications. 
Louisiana's Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan program offers low-interest loans to communities for the construction or upgrade of wastewater treatment works and other water quality improvement projects. The program was created by the Clean Water Act Amendments of 1987 and the first loans in Louisiana were made in 1990. Since then, more than 200 loans worth over $950 million have been made to Louisiana communities. Louisiana's Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan program is Volume 7 of the Louisiana Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP). 

Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program

The mission of the Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program is to promote a cleaner and better environment through voluntary pollution prevention, waste reduction and/or other environmental stewardship efforts. 


The Enviroschool program at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is the environmental education outreach arm of the Agency that provides training for communities, businesses, and other organizations on a number of regulatory topics.  The goal of this program is for the attendees to become informed about the environmental regulatory process and to maintain and improve environmental compliance.  The Enviroschool program is now offering tailored training sessions at no cost to attendees focusing on topics and/or environmental regulations affecting your industry or community.  If you are interested in hosting a LDEQ speaker/trainer for your association meeting or if you are interested in arranging a day workshop for your group, please contact us for more information.  

Drinking Water Protection Program

The Drinking Water Protection Program was designed by DEQ to assist Louisiana communities in protecting their drinking water and preventing contamination of their drinking water sources.

Aquifer Sampling and Assessment Program 

 The ASSET Program, is an ambient monitoring program established to determine and monitor the quality of ground water in Louisiana.  It is partially funded as a Clean Water Act activity.

 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control

Louisiana’s NPS Program is a collaborative effort that includes many partners. Our goal is to educate people about NPS pollution and best management practices (BMPs) that can be implemented to reduce and control this type of pollution. The State of Louisiana has applied for and received Section 319 funds to implement both statewide and watershed projects to address nonpoint source pollution.


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