Building Nature Habitats

Building Habitats
Resources for Improving Habitats

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This is a partial listing of print, video, and software available from the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators library. The library contains many other resources on endangered species and habitats.

Habitat and Biodiversity

Grades 6-12 evaluate the different habitats and biomes while recognizing the importance of biodiversity. Students conduct audits, research plant species and study landscaping measures.

Where Once There Was A Wood

A story of how city development destroys natural wildlife habitats; includes section on how to welcome wildlife to your backyard habitat.

Terrarium Habitats: Teacher's Guide

Grades K-6 activities present firsthand experiences with work of tiny soil inhabitants (decomposers) that recycle nutrients and return them to soil.

Habitats: Making Homes for Animals and Plants

Directions for creating temporary indoor habitats to study plants and animals in natural settings. For ages 7-12.

Wearing Our Habitats Out

Activity booklet focuses on wetlands as animal habitats, on endangered species, and ways that humans can save wetlands; includes t-shirt design ideas.

Birds: How to Watch and Understand the Fascinating World of Birds

Describes physical characteristics, habitats, and behavior of birds of the seashore, woodlands, and birds of prey.

Developed Lands: Restoring and Managing Wildlife Habitats

Packet includes overview, three lesson plans with data and activity sheets, glossary, poster and program notes.

Wild School Sites: Guide to Preparing for Habitat Improvement

Establishes the importance of biodiversity and directions for creating habitats on school property.

Urban Wildlife: Simplified Field Guide to the Diverse Animals and Plants of Our Cities

Information on how plants and animals adapt to the presence of humans and why some species are helpful or harmful to their habitats.

Hummingbird Book: Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Hummingbirds

Guide tells how to identify hummingbirds and orioles, and how to attract them to the yard or garden.

Greening of the City Streets: The Story of Community Gardens

A photo essay tracing the urban gardening movement in the United States, with a special focus on the Sixth Street and Avenue B Garden in Manhattan.

Urban and Community Forestry Program National Resource Directory

Lists trade, professional, environmental, civic and services groups as well as state and local partners promoting tree planting efforts.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

A fifty-two minute video shows eighty species of birds with creative ideas for attracting birds to a backyard, school ground, nature center or park.

Attracting Butterflies to Your Backyard

A fifty-eight minute video gives advice from butterfly gardeners on how to encourage butterfly occupation.

Habitats for Learning: Planning Guide for Using and Developing School Land Labs

Video describes how to use, enhance and develop school grounds as outdoor labs.

Champions of Wildlife

Fifty-eight minute video shows problems encountered by species and what can be done to improve their habitats.

Missing Ingredient

A twenty minute video introducing the loss of plants, animals, and their habitats and suggests alternatives.

Ecology of the Urban Environment

A twenty-eight minute video designed to introduce students to the concept of ecology as it relates to their daily lives in cities.

Hidden City: Wildlife in an Urban Setting

A twenty-eight minute video explores issues of ecology, conservation and urban planning.

On the Brink: Multimedia Production Kit About Endangered Species and Habitats of North America

CD-ROM combines pictures, movies, sounds and music resources with a multimedia presentation that explores and collects resources for 56 endangered species. The resources include pictures, movies and sounds about each species plus background pictures, habitat pictures, land use pictures, data about endangered species, and music scores.

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