2015 Training Information

All training information is provided below.  All resources can also be found on the North American Envirothon website by following this link:


Focus should be placed on the  key point links below.  Additional resources are also listed below that may help gain a better understanding of topics including the state specific info that will be the focus at the national competition:  TBA. 

Station masters are available on an ongoing basis to assist teams in preparing for the competition.  Feel free to contact them at the email addresses and phone numbers listed below.  


Station Contact:  Greg Waldron:  gregory.waldron@la.gov/ 225-219-3890 

Aquatics Ecology

Key Point 1—Abiotic factors
Key Point 2—Biotic factors
Key Point 3—Aquatic Environments
Key Point 4—Water Protection and Conservation

Additional Aquatics Guide 

Aquatic macroinvertebrate handout 



Station Contact:  Dr.  Andra Johnson:  andra_johnson@suagcenter.com/ 225-771-6213


Key Point 1—PhysiologyofTrees2.pdf

Key Point 2—Forest Ecology
Key Point 3—Sustainable Forest Management
Key Point 4—Trees as an Important Renewable Resource

 Additional Resources


-Tree Identification

-Other resources


Soils/Land Use

Station Contact:  Joey Breaux:  joey_b@ldaf.state.la.us/ 225-922-1269  

Soils/Land Use

Key Point 1—Physical Properties of Soil and Soil Formation
Key Point 2—Soil Ecosystems
Key Point 3—Chemical Properties of Soil and Soil
Key Point 4—Soil Conservation and Land Use Management
Key Point 5—Web soil surveys & Soil Surveys
Additional Resources

Additional Soils Guide










Station Contact:  Venise Ortego:  vortego@wlf.louisiana.gov/ 337-948-0255


Key Point 1—Knowledge of Wild Birds, Mammals and Herps
Key Point 2—Wildlife Ecology
Key Point 3—Conservation and Management of Wildlife
Key Point 4—Issues Involving Wildlife and Society

Wildlife Study Guide

Additional Resources 


Current Topic:  Invasive Species:  A Challenge to the Environment, Economy and Society


2016 Current Topic Learning Objectives

2016 Competition Updates

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