Priority List


A new Priority List is prepared each fiscal year. The Priority List includes a listing of all potential projects or segments of projects that have not yet been funded, and that have submitted the required pre-application documents. The Priority List is presented at a Public Hearing and is then submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency each year as part of the Intended Use Plan.

It is not necessary to re-apply each fiscal year. Once pre-application documents have been accepted, the project will remain on the Priority List until funded, as long as progress continues to be made toward funding. No project can be placed on the fundable portion of the Intended Use Plan unless it is also on the Priority List for that year.

Projects may be removed from the Priority List if any of these events occur:

  • The project is funded through the CWSRF or receives funding from another source.
  • The project is constructed, regardless of the funding source.
  • There is no evidence of progress toward funding for a period of five years (project is assumed to be abandoned).

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