MISSION:  To develop and implement sound procurement practices in accordance with state laws, purchasing rules
                             and regulations, executive orders and LDEQ policy and procedure and to provide quality and timely
                            services to the LA Department of Environmental Quality, statewide.
PHILOSOPHY:   The Procurement Section will be a progressive, service-oriented unit providing assistance and
                              support in a competent, objective and efficient manner to the Agency and its employees. In fulfilling
                              this role, the Procurement Section will strive to maintain consistency while complying with
                              existing laws, regulations and standards.
LDEQ Procurement generally maintains a $10,000 delegated authority, although other amounts have been delegated relating to different areas of purchasing. Generally, all of the bids let through LDEQ are posted to LAPAC and are processed in accordance with the Executive Order on Small Purchases in effect at the time. Bids through LDEQ Procurement or the Office of State Purchasing on behalf of LDEQ may be downloaded at LA PAC
The LA Dept. of Environmental Quality does not maintain an in-house bid list. Instead, it uses the vendors registered on LA PAC - Vendor Registration . The LDEQ Contracts Section (not a part of Procurement) utilizes the contractor’s list maintained by the Office of Contractual Review.

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