Introduction to DEQ

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) was mandated by the Louisiana Legislature on February 1, 1984. 

History of the Department

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is a state environmental regulatory agency whose mission is to maintain a healthful and safe environment for the people of Louisiana. The Department employs highly trained personnel that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Louisiana’s environment. The agency has regional offices located across the state (office addresses) with headquarters in the Galvez Building, located in downtown Baton Rouge.  Four offices collaborate to accomplish the mission of the Department:

Office of the Secretary

As the managerial branch of the Department, the Office of the Secretary facilitates achievement of environmental improvements by coordinating the other program offices’ work to reduce quantity and toxicity of emissions, representing the Department when dealing with external agencies, providing legal counsel to the Department, communicating effectively with the public, and by promoting initiatives that serve a broad environmental mandate. This Office has several functional areas:  Legal Services, Business & Community Outreach, Public Information, Criminal Investigation, and Audit Services.  Click here for more information about the Office of the Secretary.

Office of Environmental Services

The mission of the environmental services program is to ensure that the citizens have a clean and healthy environment to live and work in for present and future generations. This will be accomplished by regulating pollution sources, providing permitting activities consistent with laws and regulations, providing interface between the department and businesses and customers, providing permit support services and improved public participation. The permitting activity will provide single entry/contact point for permitting, including a multi-media team approach; improved permit tracking; and the ability to focus on applications with highest potential for environmental impact.  This Office has four Divisions: Air Permits, Water Permits, Waste Permits and Public Participation & Permit Support Services.  Click here for more information about the Office of Environmental Services.

Office of Environmental Compliance

The mission of the environmental compliance program is to ensure the public and occupational welfare of the people and environmental resources by conducting inspections of permitted facilities and activities, responding to environmental emergencies and issuing sound enforcement actions. The program establishes a multi-media compliance approach; creates a uniform approach to compliance; assigns accountability and responsibility to the appropriate parties; provides standardized radioactive material training to compliance; and provides for the execution and timely resolution of activities. This Office has four Divisions: Enforcement, Inspections, Assessment, and Remediation & Underground Storage Tanks.  Click here for more information about the Office of Environmental Compliance.

Office of Management and Finance

The department’s budget, personnel, contracts, and general operational duties are the responsibility of this Office. The functional areas include: Human Resources, Financial Services, Safety & Training and Information Services.  Click here for more information about the Office of Management and Finance.

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