Asbestos Accreditation and Notification Forms
To Ensure Faster Service:  All Asbestos and Lead Accreditation Applications MUST be accompanied with one front face view 1"x 1¼" photograph for each discipline requested.  Also, a check or money order made out to LDEQ must accompany your application.  Please note, LDEQ does not accept cash.   

AAC-1:  Asbestos Accreditation Form    (08/13/2014)
AAC-1: Applicacion para Acreditacion de Asbestos  (08/13/2014)   
This form is used when applying for all disciplines: Worker, Contractor/Supervisor, Inspector, (Required for schools and state buildings only: Management Planner, Project Designer).

AAC-2:  Demolition & Renovation Notification Form  (Revised 10/16/2015) 
AAC-2 Instructions:       (Revised 08/10/2015)
This form is used any time a demolition occurs whether the structure contains asbestos or not.  If an accredited inspector certifies that there is no asbestos in the structure, complete only the information that pertains to demolition and mark and sign as a Negative Declaration.  This form is also required prior to a demolition or renovation of a structure that contains asbestos and when applying for an ADVF (Asbestos Disposal Verification Form) which must accompany the asbestos being taken to the Louisiana recognized asbestos landfill (in-state or out of state).  

AAC-3:   Asbestos Training Provider Recognition Form    (Rev 8/29/13) 

AAC-4:  Asbestos Trainer Recognition Form    (Revised 04/16/2015)

AAC-5:  Asbestos Course Notification Form     (Revised 3/13/12)

AAC-7is: Asbestos Landfill Recognition Form - In State Landfill   (Rev 10/16/15)
AAC-7os: Asbestos Landfill Recognition Form - Out of State Landfills   (Rev 10/16/15)

AAC-8:  Required Elements for Asbestos Management Plan     (Rev 9/21/11)  

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