RECAP Contacts

If you have questions regarding the RECAP regulation please contact one of the Corrective Action Group members listed below. It is suggested that you contact the individuals via e-mail. We have provided contact persons by topic as well as by program name.

RECAP Contacts by Topic

General Questions

               For general questions you can contact the following by email:


Dana Shepherd                                                   Carolyn Bourn
(225)219-3159                                                     (225)219-3529                            

Toxicology/Exposure Parameters

Dana Shepherd                                                   Carolyn Bourn
(225)219-3159                                                     (225)219-3529                            
Emad Nofal                                                           Ed Ballow 
(225)219-3509                                                    (225)219-3525                                  

Site Investigation

Carey Dicharry                                                    Keith Horn
(225)219-3609                                                   (225)219-3687                             

Land Use

John Halk                                                            Carolyn Bourn
(225)219-3652                                                   (225)219-3529                                     

Groundwater/Aquifer Use

Carey Dicharry                                                    Durwood Franklin
(225)219-3609                                                   (318)362-3050                             

Monitored Natural Attenuation

Dana Shepherd                                                Carey Dicharry
(225)219-3159                                                 (225)219-3609                          

Data QA/QC, Evaluation and Usability

Ed Ballow                                                          Dana Shepherd
(225)219-3525                                                 (225)219-3159                                  

Point of Exposure/Compliance

Dana Shepherd                                                   Carolyn Bourn                                            Ed Ballow
(225)219-3159                                                     (225)219-3529                                           (225)219-3525                                                 

Identification of Background

Dana Shepherd                                                      

Institutional Controls

John Halk

Domenico Model

Jason Meyers

Source Depth (Sd)

Dana Shepherd

Soil Protective of Groundwater

Durwood Franklin

Rulemaking and General Legal Issues

Donald Trahan

Soil Reuse

 Jason Meyers

Ecological Risk Assessment

Dana Shepherd

 Data Format

Ed Ballow                                                           Erin Folse       
(225)219-3525                                                    (225)219-3411                                   

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Durwood Franklin                                               Carolyn Bourn
(318)362-3050                                                       (225)219-3529                        

Aquifer Tests

Carey Dicharry                                                    Durwood Franklin
(225)219-3609                                                  (318)362-3050                             


Dana Shepherd                                                 Carolyn Bourn       
(225)219-3159                                                  (225)219-3529                         

Appendix I

Durwood Franklin

RECAP Algorithms & Calculations

Dana Shepherd

Chemical & Physical Parameters

Carey Dicharry                                                    Carolyn Bourn                                               Ed Ballow
(225)219-3609                                                  (225)219-3529                                             (225)219-3525                                                     

RECAP Contacts by Media

Solid Waste Issues

Jason Meyers

Hazardous Waste Issues

Estuardo Silva

Inactive and Abandoned Sites Issues

            John Halk

Underground Storage Tank Issues

 Durwood Franklin

Groundwater Protection Issues

Carey Dicharry          


Surface Water Issues

Jenniffer Sheppard        


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