Remediation Submittals

All paper correspondence regarding remediation issues should be submitted to the department in triplicate to:

Gary Fulton, Administrator
Underground Storage Tank and Remediation Division
P.O. Box 4312
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4312

Suggested format for submittal

  • One of the copies should be directed to the attention of the remediation team leader if assigned
  • Include the following information on the reference line of all the correspondence submitted:
RE:    Purpose of Letter
Agency Interest (AI) Name
AI Number (if assigned)
AOI Name or Unit Name or AOC Name
Applicable Alternate ID
Physical Address

The Underground Storage Tank Remediation Services Division (USTRD) is encouraging correspondence to be submitted in electronic format if the consulant/submitter wishes to do so.  Electronic submittals must be submitted in pdf format on CD/Flash Drive along with one hard (printed copy of the submittal) copy.  In order for the electronic copy to be  accepted by the division it must comply with the following :

    •    The pdf must include the entire submittal, including signed submittal letter and lab data
    •    If the submittal is over 1 volume then each volume should be submitted as a separate pdf file.
    •    Any submittal that is over 999 pages or 50MB then they should be separated into separate files and clearly labeled as such. (NOTE: The size of the pdf depends upon the method used to create the file.  Files received from a  laboratory LIMS generate a 100 MB file.  If such files are opened using the full Acrobat software, and the 'Save as function is used, the file can be saved as pdf (overwriting the original file) and the size should drop to a little over 5MB.  This method is strongly recommended for the time being, to ensure compression.  Alternatively, a free program, CutePDF, is also able to reduce the file size dramatically in some instances.
    •    Include a scanned transmittal letters as page two of document (behind cover page)
    •    Maps should not be over 11' X 17" if at all possible.
    •   Font size should be at least 10 pt.
    •   Documents must not include form fields (i.e. fields that can be filled in by the user)
    •   Documents must not be digitally signed
    •   Documents must not include embedded comments or other annotations
    •   Document must not have any security restrictions
    •   When submitting e-copies of reports and the lab data is sizable, please include the lab data as a separate file (labeled same as is in the report e.g., Appendix C - Laboratory Data) on the same CD/Flash Drive so that lab data can be submitted to EDMS.

NOTE:  These guidelines are subject to change.  If you have any questions or problems you can contact Mike Miller at 225-219-3038 or email at:

Providing the information in the format requested will expedite our mail process and ensure that all correspondence received is assigned and filed accurately.

Thank you for your cooperation.





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