Short-term and Emergency General Permit:  LAG420000

     Coverage under this general permit is limited to discharges of a duration of 6 months or less.   Discharges that occur as a result of a disaster or post-disaster management may be covered under this permit, such as dewatering of oxidation ponds (< 5,000 gallons per day), storm water discharges from C&D landfills, utility wash waters, and other miscellaneous discharges for which appropriate limits are included in Schedule H of the general permit.    To request coverage under the general permit, fill out and mail the Notice of Intent (NOI), form STED-G (PDF) or STED-G (MSWord).


LPDES Permit Standard Conditions:   Bypass and Upset Provisions

    All LPDES Permits include Standard Conditions.   Please review sections  A.4 and A.5 for the requirements and allowances regarding bypasses and upset conditions.




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