LPDES Permit Fees

Louisiana Water Pollution Control Fee System Regulation (LAC 33:IX.Chapter 13)

Individual Permit Fees - 

Annual Fees are calculated by multiplying the rating points times the rate factor.  The rating points are computed using the appropriate annual fee rating worksheet.  This worksheet should accompany your draft permit.  The current rate factor for municipal facilities is $148.00/rating point and for all other facilities is $271.96/rating point.  The annual fee shall be paid each year a facility is subject to regulation.  The year corresponds with the state's fiscal year of July 1 through June 30.  For new facilities the annual fee may be prorated to correspond to the start-up date of the facility.  The annual fee for inactive facilities that wish to retain permit coverage may be reduced by 50% any year in which the facility is inactive for the entire fiscal year.  In no case will the fee be reduced below the minimum fee.  The minimum annual fee is currently $345.00.

New, Modified and Reissued Permit Fees shall be 20% of the calculated annual fee, but not less than the minimum annual fee.

General Permit Fees -



Permit Type


Gen-LAG11-Concrete/Asphalt  $322
Gen-LAG33-Coastal $2,640
Gen-LAG47-Auto Repair/Dealers $264
Gen-LAG119-Concrete/Asphalt (SW) $387
Gen-LAG78-C & D Landfills $660
Gen-LAG42-Short-Term/Emergency $500
Gen-LAG75-Exterior Vehicle Wash $264
Gen-LAG87-Pesticides $0
Gen-LAR10-Construction $264
Gen-LAR20-Small Construction $0
Gen-LAG67-Hydrostatic Test $300
Gen-LAG48-Light Commercial $345

Gen-LAR04-Small MS4











Gen-LAR05-Multi-Sector $99
Gen-LAG38-Potable Water $345
Gen-LAG949-GW Remediation (SW) $990
Gen-LAG49-Sand and Gravel $660
Gen-LAG26-Territorial Seas $2,640
Gen-LAG30-UST Dewatering $99
Gen-LAG94-GW Remediation $990
Gen-LAG679-Hydrostatic Test (SW) $792
Gen-LAG759-Mobile Vehicle/Equipment Wash $317
Gen-LAG83- Petroleum UST Remediation $990
Gen-LAG839-Petroleum UST (SW) $2,640
Gen-LAG53-Sanitary Class I $99
Gen-LAG54-Sanitary Class II $264
Gen-LAG56-Sanitary Class III $495
Gen-LAG57-Sanitary Class IV $594
Gen-LAG309-UST Dewatering (SW) $851

Due Dates/Late Payments -

 Fees shall be received by the Department by the due date indicated on the invoice.  Payments not received within 15 days of the due date will be charged a late payment fee.  Failure to pay the prescribed application fee or annual fee within 90 days after the due date, will constitute a violation of the regulations and shall subject the person to applicable enforcement action.

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