Title 33 Environmental Regulatory Code

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2014 ERC Order Form

[Hint:  To locate an individual final rule, open the appropriate

ERC book and see the Historical Note at the end of each Section to find the month and year of a change.  Then go to the Monthly Regulation Changes page and look for the year and then month that corresponds with the Historical Note.  Look for the word "final" in the Status column.  (Final "OS" rules on or before October 20, 2006, may include final rules in your search.  The "MM" rules include multiple Parts of the ERC and may include a final rule in your search.)  The ERC Quarterly Supplements contain final rules that do not include strikeout/underline formatting and are appropriate for printing a clean copy of the entire final rule.  Final rules are published in the Louisiana Register.  For assistance, call the Regulation Development Section at (225) 219-3981.]

ERC (LAC Title 33)

File Updated Amendments Through Part Number and Description


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12/04/2012 11/20/2012
Part I - Office of the Secretary 
Subpart 1. Administrative Procedures
Subpart 2. Notification
Subpart 3. Laboratory Accreditation
Subpart 4. Emergency Response Regulations


01/12/2015 12/20/2014 Part III - Air     
09/23/2014 09/20/2014
Part V - Hazardous Waste 
Subpart 1. Department of Environmental Quality-Hazardous Waste
01/23/2013 01/20/2013 Part VI - Inactive and Abandoned Sites    ZIP   
02/24/2014 02/20/2014
Part VII - Solid Waste 
Subpart 1. Solid Waste Regulations
Subpart 2. Recycling
09/23/2014 09/20/2014
Part IX - Water Quality 
Subpart 1. Water Pollution Control

Subpart 2. The Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (LPDES) Program

 Subpart 3.  Louisiana Sewage Sludge and Biosolids Program

01/23/2013 01/20/2013 Part XI - Underground Storage Tanks    ZIP   
10/22/2014 10/20/2014 Part XV - Radiation Protection       
    Implementation Manual for Management of NORM in Louisiana - Draft 1995    
10/20/2003 10/20/2003 RECAP - Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program Document
05/17/2010 06/20/2009

Reportable Quantities June 2009 

(access to federal regulations that are incorporated by reference in the ERC) 

ERC Supplements

The supplements are produced quarterly and contain amendments promulgated to the ERC during the indicated time period of the supplement title.  March includes January - March, June includes April - June, September includes July - September, and December includes October - December.

File Updated Quarterly Supplement Issued


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 10/13/2014 July - September 2014  Word     Adobe
 06/11/2014 April - June 2014  Word    Adobe 
 04/14/2014 January - March 2014   Word   Adobe 
 02/02/2014 October - December 2013  Word   Zip Adobe 
 10/16/2013 July - September 2013   Word  Zip Adobe 
 08/06/2013 January - June 2013   Word Zip  Adobe 
 01/04/2013  September - December 2012 Word   Zip Adobe 
 06/04/2012 April - June 2012  Word   Zip Adobe 
 04/23/2012 January - March 2012   Word  Zip  Adobe
 01/05/2012 October - December 2011  Word Zip   Adobe
09/21/2011 July - September 2011
07/21/2011 April - June 2011
03/22/2011 January - March 2011

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