LPDES Permits

Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System


Louisiana's Water Quality Regulations (LAC 33:Chapter IX) require permits for the discharge of pollutants from any point source into waters of the state of Louisiana.  This surface water discharge permitting system is administered under the Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (LPDES) program.  LDEQ became a state delegated to administer the NPDES Program in August of 1996.  (Official LPDES Program Assumption Documents are available on the EPA Region 6 website.)

The Water Permits Division, within the Office of Environmental Services, consists of two LPDES Water Permitting Sections: Industrial Water Permits and Municipal & General Water Permits. Permitting responsibilities are distributed between the two sections based on facility type.    



The LPDES General Permits page contains copies of all general permits authorized under LAC 33:IX.2515.  General Permits are written to cover one or more categories or subcategories of discharges within a geographic area, which can range from a specific watershed to a broad area such as the entire state.

STORMWATER INFORMATION (Click for useful material like SWPPP templates, MS4 Annual Report Forms, etc.)

    NEW!  The Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition Annual Meeting has been postponed to February 7, 2017 - Stay tuned!  All MS4 permit contacts are encouraged to attend.  Go to https://louisianastormwater.org for more information.

    Construction General Permit FAQs



  • The LPDES Permit Application Forms page contains all LPDES permit applications, general permit notice's of intent along with the no exposure certification from LPDES stormwater permitting.
  • LPDES Permit Termination Forms contains those forms to be utilized when an LPDES Permit is no longer necessary or required.
  • Name and Ownership Change Form: To request a name or ownership change for a permitted facility please click on the link labeled Name and Ownership Change (NOC-1) on the page found at the preceding link.
  • Request for Preliminary Determination of LPDES Permit issuance, available in WORD or ACROBAT
  • The Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Form (MWPP) is a yearly requirement for public entities operating a domestic wastewater treatment system.  The MWPP provides an assessment of the operating conditions of the treatment system, and allows the governing body a yearly opportunity to review the status and needs of the treatment system.
  • Standard Conditions for all LPDES Permits (Part III) authorized under LAC 33:IX.2701 applies to all LPDES permits, individual and general. 
  • Duly Authorized Representative Form (DAR) for Water Permits - Use this form to designate signatory authority for a specific person or position within a company; applicable to various water permitting documents, such as letters, applications, and DMRs.



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