NetDMR Frequently Asked Questions
 (Updated 10/6/11)
When will NetDMR be available?
The NetDMR application was lauched by EPA and became available to LDEQ on June 22, 2009. Permittees with major permits may immediately begin using NetDMR.  Other permittees interested in using NetDMR should email to be added to a priority permit list and will be notified as permits become eligble.
Is my facility eligible for NetDMR?
NetDMR will eventually be available for all facilities in the State of Louisiana.  At this time NetDMR is ready to accept DMRs from only major and significant minor facilities. These facilities are generally aware of their categorization.  If you are unsure if you are eligible and are interested in using NetDMR, we encourage you to send an email to to be added to a priority permit list.
Facilities not eligible at this time include:
  • All permittees covered under the master general permit for oil and gas exploration in territorial seas (LAG260000)
  • All permittees covered under the master general permit for light industrial activities (LAG480000)
  • All permittees covered under the master general permit for hydrostatic test wastewater (LAG670000)
  • All permittees covered under stormwater master general permits (LAR##0000) 

Will facilities be required to use NetDMR?

At this time LDEQ does not have plans to require facilities to use NetDMR. However, it is expected that once DMRs are submitted electronically that paper DMRs are only used on a temporary, emergency basis.







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