Chemical Accident Prevention Program

Louisiana Chemical Accident Prevention Program 

Program Description

Act 1127 of the 1992 Regular Legislative Session directed the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to develop regulations to prevent accidental releases of chemicals to the air and to minimize consequences of such releases. To meet this directive, DEQ adopted the Chemical Accident Prevention Regulations ( LAC 33:III.Chapter 59) on November 20, 1996. The goals of the regulations are to focus on chemicals that pose a significant hazard to the community, prevent accidental releases, and minimize offsite consequences of such releases. This rule, which adopted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulation 40 CFR 68 by reference, required all stationary sources with any of the listed regulated substance(s) above the threshold quantity to submit a Risk Management Plan (RMP) by June 21, 1999 or the date on which the regulated chemical is first present at the facility. The complexity of the RMP will depend on the type of facility, its history and its potential for an environmental or a health impact. On November 20, 1997, DEQ amended this regulation to require the up-front registration requirements for all stationary sources that are subject to the Chemical Accident Prevention Program. All facilities subject to the rule and those facilities previously registered, were required to register or re-register by January 31, 1998.

If your company is classified as a small business and you think your company may be affected by this program, assistance may be obtained from DEQ's Small Business Assistance Office (click here).

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