RMP Assistant Step 2


STEP 2: Does my facility meet the definition of a stationary source?

A stationary source is defined by EPA as: any buildings, structures, equipment, installations, or substance emitting stationary activities

  • which belong to the same industrial group
  • which are located on one or more contiguous properties
  • which are under the control of the same person or persons
  • which an accidental release may occur.
A stationary source includes transportation containers that are no longer under active shipping papers and transportation containers that are connected to equipment at the stationary source for the purposes of temporary storage, loading, or unloading. The term stationary source does not apply to transportation, including the storage incident to transportation, of any regulated substance or any other extremely hazardous substance under the provisions of this part, provided that such transportation is regulated under the Department of Transportation (49 CFR parts 192, 193, or 195). Properties shall not be considered contiguous solely because of a railroad or gas pipeline right-of-way.

How to determine the number of stationary sources you have .

Yes. The facility where the regulated chemical is located meets the definition of a stationary source.

No. The facility where the regulated chemical is located does not meet the definition of a stationary source.

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