RMP Submittal and RMP Comp

NOTICE: Do not send RMP's to DEQ.  They must be submitted to EPA.  DEQ will receive your RMP from EPA

NOTICE: Remember to include the certification with your RMP.  Refer to RMP*Submit user's manual for further instructions on certification.

For further information on RMP submission and access to download RMP*Submit (the free software you use to submit your RMP to EPA), visit EPA's RMP Submission Page.

You will also want to downloadRMP*CompTM if you plan to use it for calculating alternative and/or worst case scenarios.

For obtaining Latitude and Longitude of your facility, Windows Live may be helpful. Enter the physical address of your facility and click button. Look below the map that is created for your latitude and longitude. DEQ does not endorse nor guarantee the accuracy of information. Should you choose to use this method for determining latitude and longitude for RMP*Submit, do the following: To answer 1.5.i. "Method" for determining Lat/Long, enter "I4" which represents "Interpolation - Digital map source (TIGER): derived from a digital map, mapping software or mapping tool.

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