Project Organization Structure

Team Roles & Responsibilities
External Stakeholder Involvement
                     Encourage external stakeholder participation
                     Assist the compliance assurance team with compliance training
                     Communicate the progress of the project to internal and external stakeholders
Performance Metrics
                     Develop performance measures/EBPI’s
                     Develop inspection measurement strategy
                     Develop and conduct multimedia inspector training 
Compliance Assistance
                     Collect compliance material developed thus far
                     Develop Best Management Practices and Beyond Compliance Measures
                     Develop compliance assistance and training materials
                     Conduct compliance assistance training
Online Registration/Certification
                     Develop system specifications
                     Participate in system design/testing/training/rollout
                     Work with Regulatory Change team to develop applicability
LDNR Data Exchange
                     Determine data integration goals
                     Develop a means of integrating the data across agencies
                     Provide TEMPO implementation elements
Regulatory Changes
                     Explore integration of ERP effort with permit by rule and general permit developments
                     Determine the need to modify or draft media-specific regulations to address ERP
IT and GIS Support
                     Assist team members in researching technological means to addressing project objectives
                     Provide technical specifications for in-house/contractual IT development
                     Online Multimedia Registration/Certification
                     LDNR Data Exchange
                     Remote Inspection Checklist
                     Web communication
                     GIS integration
                     Web-based data queries
TEMPO Support
                     Provide Master File assistance
                     Creating new AI’s
                     Data cleanup
                     Provide Reference Table and Requirements Library support

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