Community Participation

Working toward cleaner air is the responsibility of all citizens. It takes community participation.  We can make a difference! During the warm summer months, when ozone formation is likely, do your part by taking any or all of the actions listed below. If LDEQ forecasts an OZONE ALERT for the Baton Rouge area, the local news media will broadcast the alert during the afternoon or evening news of the preceding day. If an OZONE ALERT is called, limit driving, limit the use of fuels and solvents, and limit outdoor activities. Remember, the health risk is greater to children, the elderly, and those with heart or lung diseases.

Ozone Action programs are cost-effective and do not require new regulations or mandatory actions. The Ozone Action Program is entirely voluntary and depends on EVERYONE to share the responsibility!

Voluntary Actions You Can Take to Reduce Ozone 

  • Care for your car - Regular maintenance and tune-ups, changing the oil and checking tire inflation can improve gas mileage, extend your car's life and increase its resale value. It can also reduce traffic congestion due to preventable breakdowns and it could reduce your car's emissions by more than half
  • Trip chain, combine errands and limit  daytime driving
  • Ride public transportation or carpool to work
  • Take your lunch to work
  • Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips.
  • Refuel when its cool - after 6 p.m. - Refueling during cooler periods of the day or in the evening can prevent gas fumes from heating up and creating ozone. And that can help reduce ozone alert days
  • Don't top off your tank - It releases gas fumes into the air and cancels the benefits of the pump's anti-pollution devices. So stopping short of a full tank is safer and reduces pollution
  • Make certain your gas cap seals tightly or replace it if its lost.
  •  Avoid prolonged idling and jackrabbit starts - "Drive Emissionwise".
  • Don't mow your lawn or use gas powered lawn equipment until after 6 p.m
  • Barbecue with electric starter, not fluid starter.
  • Conserve energy in your home
  • Spread the word! Talk to your coworkers and neighbors about the Ozone Action Program.

For more information about how you or your business can become an Ozone Action Program participant, please contact a Clean Air Coalition member at the Capital Region Planning Commission (225) 383-5203; or at the Louisiana DEQ, (225)219-3966. You may also email deqassistance@LA.GOV ,or call RIDESHARE at (225)344-RIDE (7433). On this web site, check out the Ozone Action Program Coordinators "Tool Kit" and the Baton Rouge Area Commuter Services Program for ideas and inspiration.

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