Smoginator's Quiz

Smoginator's Challenge #1:
Fill in the Blanks

___________ - _________ _________ is sometimes called smog.

An ___________ __________ _____ __________ is issued when air & weather conditions can lead to lots of ground-level ozone or smog.

You can help your parents reduce ground-level ozone by encouraging them with these tips:

  1. Ask Mom or Dad not to ______ the lawn until after 6:00 P.M..
  2. Your parents could __________ or vanpool or take the bus to work instead of driving alone.
  3. The _______________ ______________ is a great way for your parents to find other people to ride to work with.
  4. ____________ ____________ and not spilling gasoline are important, so remind Mom and Dad.
  5. Remind Mom or Dad to get the car ___________ - ____ so it makes less air pollution and runs better.
  6. Help Mom or Dad remember not to let the car _______ for a long time, at the drive-thru window, for example.
  7. Whenever you can, ask to ________ or ride your bike instead of asking your parents to take you somewhere.

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