Baton Rouge Earth Day 1998

This page last updated: 5/13/98

Eday9813.jpg (65587 bytes) Baton Rouge has seen another very successful Earth Day event. On April 19,1998, the downtown area was alive with area residents celebrating Earth Day 1998 and learning how they could better protect the Earth and its valuable resources. On the street outside the Recycle Fair, young people met Roscoe, the SRI mascot, and PETE, the NACPOR mascot. Under the Fair tent, attendees learned how to better recycle steel and plastics. The US Postal Service provided information on minimizing waste from the mail and how the post office reduces the volume of waste going to landfills. The Reel for Steel game attracted many youngsters and helped them learn more about steel recycling. DEQ employees fascinated the young and old alike with the Worm Farm and an explanation of how vermiculture and composting can reduce waste going to the landfill. Young attendees were also treated to the opportunity to make bird feeders from milk jugs, create stickers from salvage sign material, and watch a video on waste reduction in the home. An interactive Shop Smart game was a popular stop forEday9802.jpg (259496 bytes) many fairgoers. An environmental illusionist and an art contest rounded out the Recycle Fair activities.

The City of Baton Rouge in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Quality had a compost bin truckload sale. People from miles around waited in line to buy compost bins.

Local celebrity, Leo Honeycutt, was the master of ceremonies for a fashion show of recycled content clothing and fashion accessories. The models included employees of BFI, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Baton Rouge area students.

The Baton Rouge Earth Day Board is expecting the continuing success of this annual event.

Take a look at all the fun we had !


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