Baton Rouge Earth Day 1999

This page last updated: 5/26/99

The 1999 Baton Rouge Earth Day was an event to remember. Folks from all across the State met in Baton Rouge to learn about the conservation of resources, meet old and new friends, eat good food, and listen to great music. On April 18, 1999, the downtown area was alive with sights, sounds, and odors as we celebrated Earth Day 1999.

The Recycle Fair bustled as happy attendees made bird houses, got their picture taken with Recycle Rex, and played waste wise shopping games. Roscoe, the Steel Recycling Institute mascot, wandered the tent and surrounds shaking hands with smiling youngsters. Under the Fair tent, tiny tykes learned how to use magnets to identify steel containers in the Reel for Steel game. Energetic adolescents vied for a position to visit the worm farm and learn more about composting. The US Postal Service offered a game on waste reduction, provided information on minimizing waste from the mail, and showed attendees how the post office reduces the volume of waste going to landfills.

Along the Earth Walk, agencies, organizations, and businesses offered opportunities for attendees to get involved in earth-minded activities ranging from a ride on the butterfly cycle to mud painting.

Educational materials, informed participants, great venue, tasty Louisiana cuisine, fine music, what an incredible event we shared.

Not a group to rest on past successes, the Baton Rouge Earth Day Board is already planning for the 2000 event. Plan to join us.

Louisiana Corporate Recycling Council offers smart shopping and convenience in the kitchen ideas.


DEQ Litter staff explain importance of keeping Louisiana litter free.

Early morning volunteers cut milk bottles in preparation for bird loving youngsters.


Wal-Mart employees coach shoppers in waste wise choices.

DEQ employees provide information on waste reduction, composting,
and the management of hazardous materials in the home.

Roscoe tours the Recycle Fair

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