Harmony Center 2001

In June, DEQ staff enjoyed an afternoon of learning and discovery with some residents of the Harmony Center. Staff started the activities with a discussion of the differences in recycling, reducing, and reusing, along with the importance of buying things with recycled content. Then residents made Mobius Strips and discovered that a Mobius Strip and the chasing arrows in the recycle symbol have a lot in common. While everyone had a Mobius Strip of their own, we learned what makes them special and did a bit of 'Mobius Magic.'

Our next trick involved changing greeting cards into gift boxes. The residents showed artistic talent in that reuse project. Their efforts resulted in some lovely little boxes.

Learning about litter and the importance of keeping it off our streets brought many comments from the residents. Graffiti and its impact on our neighborhoods and financial resources struck home with the young men looking for more parks and recreational programs in their neighborhoods.

A 'hands in' paper recycling project gave residents a chance to take paper around another time. Exploring how recycled paper is made offered another creative option.

Too soon our time was over and DEQ staff had to head back to the office. We hope our new friends at Harmony Center enjoyed our visit and learned as much as we did.

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