Office Recycling

Setting Up Your Office Recycling Programs

Waste is inefficiency

  • Why are you in business? Honestly, everyone knows that you're in business to make money.  

  • Have you ever considered your garbage as a money tree? Most business owners do not. Let's look at a few ways that you can minimize the expense of garbage. You may even derive some income by modifying your waste management practices.  

  • Louisiana produces an estimated four million tons of municipal solid waste. We also produce another sixteen million tons of industrial waste. This places us near the top of per capita waste production nationally. Not only is good waste management an important environmental responsibility, it can serve as a way to reduce costs.

Waste Reduction Ideas for Offices

  • Conduct a waste audit to determine how much and what kind of waste your office produces. 
  • Use recyclable and recycled toner cartridges in laser printers and copy machines.  

  • Use "post-it fax notes", half page fax covers, or purchase fax machine that prints the routing information on the top of the page.  

  • Ink jet printers should be equipped with refillable ink cartridges.  

  • Do two sided printing and copying.  

  • Conduct a review of all materials your office purchases and determine if the materials has recycled content, is recyclable, or has a recyclable/recycled substitute.  

  • Conduct a review of all reports and forms your company generates with the objective of reducing size or identifying the unnecessary.  

  • Make only the copies you need.

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