Holiday Card Recycling

So many of you have asked about our program in the last few weeks.  We have faced some staff realignments in the last few years.  The annual holiday card recycling projects where we collected hundreds of cards are no longer.  

Because many of you are interested in making better choices, we would like to challenge you to find programs in your area that can use your cards.  Look for youth programs and art programs, sheltered workshops and occupational rehab programs, assisted living and nursing homes.  Share with them the projects making ornaments and gift boxes from greeting cards.  Use you imagination to design place mats, gift tags and other items.  Then offer the programs your cards and your time and talents. The benefits you reap will go far beyond keeping paper out of the landfills.

Holiday greeting cards do not lend themselves to recycling with white paper or newsprint recycling efforts.  The bright inks that make them so pretty for the holidays, are too concentrated for the standard recycle processes.  The add-ons, like the metallic print and glitter also "gum up the works" in paper recycling.

Consider initiating a greeting card recycle project for your office or school.  For more information, send us mail at deqassistance@LA.GOV.

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