Paint from the Home


Many wastes are generated from our homes. Several of these wastes are recyclable or reusable. One that causes special disposal challenges is waste paint.

Frequently when a painting job is finished you find that you will have part of the can of paint left unused and unwanted. Those paints can be donated to a local charity, such as the Salvation Army, an inner city redevelopment project, your church, or public school.

The common preferred recycle method for latex paint is to combine similar colors of latex paints into one container.

You could donate oil-based paints if a significant quantity exists to donate without mixing. We have not recommended mixing oil-based paints.

Paint unsuitable for donation requires disposal based on the type of paint and whether it is in a liquid or solid state. Paints unsuitable for recycling and destined for a solid waste disposal facility should be in a dried, solid form. Liquid paint sealed in a container should not be placed in a solid waste landfill.

Empty containers may be disposed with your other solid waste. Your metal recycler may accept clean empty metal cans. Empty metal cans and plastic buckets may be used around the house and yard to store or transport building and gardening tools and materials.

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