Not Really Recycling

If You're Not Buying Recycled,
You're Not Really Recycling!

  1. Commit to "Buy Recycled" at home and encourage the use of recycled-content products at your office.
  2. Organize a display of recycled-content products at your church, office, school, or retail shopping center.
  3. Ask local retailers to stock more products made from recycled materials.
  4. Look for "safe bets" that always have recycled content, such as steel, aluminum, glass, paper egg cartons, and cereal boxes.
  5. Purchase remanufactured products and equipment like toner cartridges, office furniture, auto parts, re-refined oil, or retreaded tires.
  6. Teach children why, "If you're not buying recycled, you're not really recycling." Organize a tour of a local facility that manufactures recycled-content products.
  7. Purchase products you know can be recycled in your community.
  8. If one of your favorite products does not have recycled content, call the manufacturer and ask them to change it.
  9. Read product labels and look for the highest precentage of recycled content (especially post-consumer content).
  10. Act by buying a recycled product today!

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