Bakeries, Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries

Background and Emissions:

The air pollutants of concern from each of these businesses are: (1) Ethanol, a volatile organic compound (VOC), which contributes to smog. Ethanol is a by-product of fermentation by yeast; (2) Criteria pollutants including VOC, NOx, CO, SOx and PM2.5.  These pollutants can be generated by fuel burning ovens and boilers.

Specific Regulations:

  • There are currently  no air regulations specific to these industries and there are no plans to promulgate any.
  • If the facility has their own wastewater treatment facility then they must follow the water quality regulations for permitting, operation and effluent limits.  If the facility discharges to a municipal or other public treatment works, they may have to meet pretreatment limitations for that entity.

Other Regulations:

LAC 33:III Chapter 5 which states that any facility with air emissions in Louisiana must have either a permit or an exemption.LAC 33:III Chapter 5 states that any facility with air emissions in Louisiana must have either a permit or an exemption. (See article "Does Your Facility Need an Air Permit?", also on this bulletin board) .  Act 918 may apply.

Final Rule:

  • None promulgated to date

Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements:

  • Unless your facility has an air permit and it states specific reporting requirements, then none are required.

Important Dates:

  • None at present.

Housekeeping Suggestions:

  • Clean work areas almost always equate to reduced emissions.

Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • Keep ovens and boilers in good operating condition.
  • If solid wastes such as insoluble grain residues are generated, look for reuse opportunities such as agricultural feed or fertilizer.


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