Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP)

The Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP) is composed of eight representatives of small businesses and the general public appointed by the governor, the state Legislature, DEQ and the Department of Economic Development (DED). The panel acts as the overseer of the program and reviews technical documents for small businesses for clarity and understandability.

The CAP represents the third component of the Louisiana Small Business/Small Community Assistance Program (SB/SCAP). The panel was introduced to the public at its first meeting in October 1993 at the State Capitol. Two of the members were appointed by the Governor, four were appointed by the state Legislature and are owners, or represent owners of small businesses; and one member was appointed by the DEQ. The eighth member, a representative of the Department of Economic Development (DED), serves in a nonvoting capacity.

The role of the panel is to provide advisory opinions on the overall effectiveness of the SB/SCAP. They issue periodic reports to EPA on the status of the program and review information prepared by the SB/SCAP to assure the information is understandable by small businesses.

The Appointees for the Compliance Advisory Panel consist of the following persons:  

Governor's Appointments:

Deanne Bingham
Office of the Governor
Jonathan Mellard

President of the Senate:

Thomas David
P.O. Box 89
Alexandria, LA 71309
Mark Starling
P.O. Box 937
Denham prings, LA 70727

Speaker of the House of Representatives:

Windell Wilkerson
1633 Marshall Street
Cameron, LA  71302

Steve Ayres
P.O. Box 8718
Alexandria, LA 71306
(318) 445-5685 (Office)
(318) 448-1727 (FAX) (e-mail)

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality:

Bijan Sharafkhani, P.E., Administrator
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Office of the Secretary
P.O. Box 4303
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4303
(225) 219-3957(Office)
(225) 219-3971 (Fax) (e-mail)

Louisiana Department of Economic Development (Ex-Officio):

H. Patrick Witty, EDFP
P. O. Box 94185
Baton Rouge, LA 70804 -9185 
(225) 342-9223 
(225) 342-6820 (Fax) (e-mail) 

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 602 N. Fifth Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
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