Letter of Introduction to the Contractor

Letter of Introduction to the Contractor

Dear Water System Owner/Operator: 

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) is pleased to introduce staff from C-K Associates, an environmental and engineering consultant.  LDEQ has contracted with C-K Associates to conduct a source water assessment for your water supply.  As you may know, each state is required by the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996 to perform source water assessments on all public drinking water systems in the state.  LDEQ is implementing the Source Water Assessment Program in the State of Louisiana.  Once completed, the source water assessment results can be used to assist local communities in implementing protection measures such as contingency planning, implementation of best management practices, adoption of local ordinances, and public education.  Assessment followed by protection efforts already exists in Louisiana in the Wellhead Protection Program.  The Wellhead Protection Program has been in place for the last several years and over 100 communities in Louisiana are currently participating.  

The source water assessment program consists of three steps: 1) Delineation of source water protection areas; 2) Inventory of significant potential sources of contamination within these area; and 3) Analysis of the system's susceptibility to contamination from the potential sources identified.  The enclosed brochure further explains the goal and steps of the program.  LDEQ asks that you take a few moments to read the brochure and familiarize yourself with the program.  

In order to conduct the assessment, C-K Associates will be using a Global Positioning System to accurately locate your wells and all potential sources of contamination within your source water protection area.  LDEQ requests that you assist C-K Associates in the identification of potential sources of contamination in your area.  Let them know if there are any particular facilities or activities that you are concerned about.  Local input is key to the success of the program.  C-K Associates must also gather as much information as possible about your wells in order to perform an accurate susceptibility analysis.  Please have your well records available (i.e. construction date, depth, aquifer in which it is completed), if possible.  On average, the assessments are expected to take approximately one half day.   Systems with wells in rural areas will likely take less time; those with wells in more populated areas may take a little longer.   There is no cost to the system to conduct this assessment, only the personnel time to assist the contractor.   

After the data are collected and analyzed, you will receive a copy of your assessment results.  The results will be portrayed as a map showing the well location(s), the delineated protection area, and the locations of all significant potential sources of contamination.  You will also receive a report containing an initial susceptibility analysis of your well(s).  Refer to the section in the brochure entitled, What Is A Potential Susceptibility Analysis, for more information on this topic.  Once the assessments are complete for all ground water systems in the state, LDEQ will conduct a comparative susceptibility analysis between systems.  This will result in a ranking of all systems relative to one another and allow LDEQ to identify and prioritize the most vulnerable systems for protection activities. 

If you have any questions, please call the Aquifer Evaluation and Protection Section of LDEQ at 225-765-0578, and the staff will be happy to assist you.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this very important project.     



Vince Sagnibene
Administrator, Environmental Evaluation Division 


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