Workforce Planning at LDEQ


What is workforce planning?
Workforce planning is the process of strategically aligning the critical functions of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) with the talents of the individuals available to perform the work.
Why does LDEQ have a workforce planning program?

LDEQ is committed to taking a proactive approach to developing strategies to promote continuity of operations and transfer of institutional memory and knowledge.
What is the goal of workforce planning at LDEQ?
Our goal is to manage the talent available to put the right person with the right skills in the right position to perform the right function at the right time to achieve outcomes critical to LDEQ.
What’s Underway at LDEQ in Workforce Planning?
We applaud the efforts of our managers and administrators who are:
  • Developing strategies that promote bench strength through knowledge sharing
  • Exploring strategies for managing diverse groups of workers
  • Utilizing strategies to increase job fit and employee engagement
  • Incorporating behavioral and situational techniques into the interview process
What services are provided to LDEQ through the Workforce Planning Program?
  • Workforce/Succession Plan Models
  • Job Profiles
  • Knowledge Transfer Profiles
  • Knowledge Transfer Techniques
  • Work Personality Assessments
  • Work Personality Benchmark Profiles
  • Behavioral and Situational Interview Techniques
  • Workshops
    • Workforce/Succession Planning
    • Workforce Diversity
    • Employee Engagement Strategies
    • Job Fit Strategies
    • Managing the Generation Mix

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