Intended Use Plan

The Intended Use Plan (IUP) is prepared each year to identify the intended uses of the funds available to the CWSRF and describes how these uses support the goals of the CWSRF program.  The source of any funds expected to be received by the CWSRF during the year is identified in the IUP, as well as the recipients of funds expected to be disbursed from the CWSRF.  Federal law requires that an IUP be prepared for each fiscal year.  The IUP is subject to public comment and review before being submitted to the EPA for approval.

The IUP contains a list of all projects that have already been awarded construction assistance and that have not completely repaid the amount borrowed. Also included are projects listed on the Priority List that are eligible for construction assistance and a list of the nonpoint source and national estuary protection activities.


Submitted FY17 IUP

Approved FY16 IUP

Approved FY15 IUP

Approved FY14 IUP

Approved FY13 IUP

Approved FY12 IUP

Approved FY 11 IUP

Approved FY10 IUP

Intended Use Plan for CWSRF Stimulus Package (June 3, 2009)

Approved FY09 IUP

Approved FY08 IUP

Approved FY07 IUP



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