Radiological Services


Assessment Division - Emergency & Radiological Services
P. O. Box 4312
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-4312
602 N. Fifth Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

24 hr. Hotline 225-765-0160

The functions of Emergency & Radiological Services are:

Surveillance, Enforcement & Licensing
Judith A. Schuerman, Ph.D., Manager
Phone: 225-219-3634
Fax:      225-219-3154

Richard "Scott" Blackwell, Supervisor
Phone:  225-219-3639
Fax:      225-325-8261

Surveillance & Enforcement
Dwayne Stepter, Supervisor
Phone:  225-219-3642
Fax:      225-219-3154

Chemical Emergency Response, Chemical Accident Prevention (CAPP) &
Radiological Emergency Planning & Response (REPR)

Bryan Riche, Manager
Phone: 225-219-3616
Fax: 225-219-4044

Emergency Response
Chad Scroggs, Supervisor
Phone:  225-219-3630
Fax:      225-219-4044

Brad Schexnayder, Supervisor, REPR, SPOC, CAPP
Phone: 225-219-3860
Fax: 225-219-4044

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
Cindy LaFosse, EPS 3
Phone:  225-219-3640
Fax:      225-219-4044

Radiological Emergency Planning & Response
JiYoung Wiley, Environmental Scientist Staff
Phone:  225-219-3621
Fax:      225-926-1903


Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 602 N. Fifth Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
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