CAIR Permits

Clean Air Interstate Rule


EPA’s Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), promulgated May 12, 2005, will permanently cap emissions of SO2 and NOx from electric generating units (EGUs) in 28 states, including Louisiana, and the District of Columbia.  CAIR establishes a cap-and-trade system for SO2 and NOx based on EPA’s Acid Rain Program and will be implemented in two phases.  EPA has allocated emission “allowances” for SO2 and NOx to each state (i.e., the state’s budget).  LDEQ will distribute these allowances to affected sources.  Each source must hold sufficient allowances to cover its emissions each year.


Louisiana’s NOX and SO2 Budgets (in TPY)


Phase I

Phase II


2015 and thereafter

Annual NOx



Ozone-season NOx



Annual SO2



*Phase I for Annual SO2 begins in 2010.


CAIR Permits


CAIR permits will be issued by LDEQ’s Air Permits Division.  CAIR permits will be complete and separable portions of Title V permits, required only for sources subject to Title V, and issued and renewed according to Title V regulations.  CAIR permits will identify the facility and each CAIR NOx, SO2, and NOx Ozone Season unit, as well as the standard requirements under 40 CFR 96.106, 96,206, and 96.306.  Each permit is deemed to incorporate automatically the definitions of terms under 40 CFR 96.102, 96.202, 96.302 and, upon recordation by EPA, every allocation, transfer, or deduction of a NOx, SO2, and NOx Ozone Season allowance to or from the compliance account of the CAIR source.


CAIR Permit Application & Instructions

Important Note:
The CAIR application was revised on April 4, 2007.  If you have previously downloaded this document, please be sure to replace it with the most recent version (form_7198_r01).

CAIR applications will be due on July 1, 2007, unless otherwise specified by LDEQ.

CAIR Certificate of Representation Form (under Acid Rain Program Forms)


LDEQ's CAIR Fact Sheet

LDEQ's Environmental Planning Division's CAIR webpage includes information concerning allocations.

For more information, visit EPA's CAIR webpage.

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