2020 Water Quality Inventory: Integrated Report (305(b)/303(d))

The assessments contained in the 2020 Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report were superseded by the 2022 IR on May 3, 2022. The 2020 IR was approved by EPA on February 22, 2021 and is included here only for historical reference. 

2020 Water Quality Assessments for Louisiana (SUPERSEDED)

Full Text of 2020 Integrated Report 

Appendix A: 2020 Water Quality Assessments for Louisiana (FINAL) (Excel document) (PDF document)

Appendix A: 2020 Integrated Report Basin Descriptions - Illustrates designated use support for primary contact recreation (swimming), secondary contact recreation (boating), and fish and wildlife propagation. 

2020 Water Quality Integrated Report Interactive Assessment Map (RETIRED, SEE NOTE ABOVE)

Appendix B: 2020 Category 1 Addendum - Appendix B contains water bodies and suspected causes of impairment that were formerly considered impaired in the 2018 Integrated Report. They are no longer considered impaired by Louisiana. More recent data or information was used to make this determination during development of the 2020 Integrated Report. Appendix B is used here as a tool to track changes to the Integrated Report over time.

Appendix C: Complete List of Suspected Causes of Impairment 

Appendix D: Complete List of Suspected Sources of Impairment

Appendix E: Complete List of Louisiana's Ambient Surface Water Quality Network Sites

Appendix F: Public Comments on the 2020 Integrated Report and LDEQ's Response to Comments - Appendix F is a compilation of all comments received regarding the 2020 Integrated Report, along with LDEQ's response to those comments.

Appendix G: Louisiana's 2020 Section 303(d) List: (Excel document) (PDF document) - Appendix G represents a subset of Louisiana's 2020 Integrated Report (IR) and includes only those water body impairment combinations (WICs) reported as Categories 5, 5-Alt, and 5RC. As has been noted in the body of the IR text, WICs in Categories 5, 5-Alt, and 5RC of the IR assessments are the only WICs on Louisiana's 2020 303(d) List. Appendix G was developed only as an aid to the public and does not constitute Louisiana's 303(d) List. Every effort was made to maintain consistency between Appendix A Categories 5, 5-Alt, and 5RC WICs and Appendix G. However, in order to ensure the accuracy of the overall Integrated Report, only those WICs in Appendix A, Categories 5, 5-Alt, and 5RC, constitute the official 2020 303(d) List. Please see Appendix A for other WICs.