Emission Factors for Fugitives From Equipment & Lines

The Air Permits Division prefers that permit applicants who are calculating fugitive emissions from equipment or lines use the following guidance documents to obtain emission factors.


Oil & Gas Facilities (Including Gas Plants)
Oil and gas facilities should use the guidance document Emission Factors for Oil and Gas Production Operations, API Publication 4615 -- American Petroleum Institute, January 1995.  (Factors in this document are based on API data and EPA correlations.)


All Other Facilities
All other facilities should use EPA's technical guidance document Protocol for Equipment Leak Emission Estimates, EPA-453/R-95-017 -- U.S. EPA, November 1995.

To obtain this report, download from EPA's CHIEF Web Site/Bulletin Board.  The document is in 2 parts: the chapters and the appendices.  It is available in a zipped WordPerfect 5.1 version (filenames: LKS95_CH.ZIP and LKS95_AP.ZIP), and in an Adobe Acrobat version (filenames: LKS95_CH.PDF and LKS95_AP.PDF).

The CHIEF Bulletin Board is accessible by direct-dial or via EPA's web site.  The web site addresses are as follows:

Download Area for AP-42, Fifth Edition, Volume I Chapter 5: Petroleum Industry:

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