Office of Management and Finance

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Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4303

Phone: (225) 219-3840
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Karyn Andrews

Andrews has lived in Louisiana since her family relocated here when she was in grade school. She has lived in Baton Rouge since moving here from Metairie to attend LSU in 1988. She received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from LSU and went to work for the state after she graduated. She has worked in governmental accounting at the state level for 23 years.


Financial Services – Administrator
Theresa Delafosse

Delafosse graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) with her Bachelor of Science in accounting in 2006 and from LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 2009 with her Juris Doctor. She is a licensed Louisiana attorney. After graduating, Delafosse began her career as a performance auditor with the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. During her tenure there, she earned several certifications, including Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Government Auditing Professional, and Certified Public Accountant. From September 2014 until beginning her position with LDEQ, Delafosse served as the Director of the Budget and Financial Services Division at the Department of Revenue. 



Human Resources – Director

Donia Gillespie



Information Technology – Director

Daniel Smith (DOA) 



The department's budget, personnel, contracts, and general operational duties are the responsibility of the Office of Management and Finance, managed by the Undersecretary, who is also appointed by the Governor.