Annual Recycling Report

LDEQ has secured the Municipal Measurement Program™ (MMP™), an online survey platform, to standardize, strengthen, and implement comprehensive data collection efforts for the Annual Recycling Report.

The Louisiana Revised Statutes 30:2413.A.9 requires LDEQ to submit an Annual Recycling Report to the House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment and the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality on the status of resource recovery and recycling programs in the parishes and municipalities throughout the state.

In an effort to develop, strengthen, and implement comprehensive data collection efforts for the Annual Recycling Report, LDEQ has secured the Municipal Measurement Program™ (MMP™).  The MMP™ is an online survey platform for standardized reporting and is free for parishes, municipalities and collection centers. Use of the MMP™ will allow access to high-quality and independently collected information from the parishes, municipalities, recycling collection centers, and yard and food waste collection programs.

The implementation of this new program assessment and planning tool will streamline the measurement of material management programs and to provide parishes, municipalities, and recycling collection centers with decision-making tools that can improve recycling program performance. By participating in the program, participants will gain access to key insights about the performance of their programs and discover opportunities to build more efficient solid waste and recycling programs. 


Why complete MMP’s program assessment surveys?

• It uses standardized terminology that enables participants to benchmark performance metrics against national averages.

• Generates reports for all participants that measure program performance and discover opportunities to improve waste and recycling programs. 

• It simplifies data management by centralizing all waste and recycling program information. 

• Data collected in this program helps LDEQ measure statewide performance and gain greater visibility into local efforts to reduce waste across the state.

• Only take 90 minutes to complete. 

• Completed surveys give participants access to a suite of program performance and benchmarking reports.   


The MMP is hosted in Re-TRAC, a web-based software system developed by Emerge Knowledge Design, Inc. The program is free to use and is now collecting data for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 calendar years.

For more information about the MMP™ and its many features and benefits please visit:

LDEQ encourages all parishes, municipalities, and recycling collection centers to join the MMP and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your solid waste and recycling programs and contribute to the statewide measurement of recycling and waste reduction.

Join the MMP by visiting:

If you need help gathering the data and completing the surveys, please consult the following guide:

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Jodie Kimball at or Daniel Cheatham at