State Compliance Reports on Government Owned and/or Operated USTs

Section 1526 in this provision of the UST Compliance Act requires states to report on the compliance status of federal, state, and local government-owned and/or -operated underground storage tanks. Each state must submit a state compliance report on government underground storage tanks to the EPA no later than August 8, 2007. The report shall include a list of the location and owner of each underground storage tank, the date of the most recent compliance inspection, and any actions that have been and will be taken to ensure the compliance of the underground storage tanks on this list.

On April 24, 2007, EPA issued the final grant guidelines for state compliance reports on government underground storage tanks. The primary purpose of these guidelines is to define what information must be included in a state's compliance report. They also highlight how states will demonstrate copmliance with these guidelines and how EPA intends to enforce them.

Local Response

In order to meet the provisions of this section of the UST Compliance Act, LDEQ worked with LDEQ Contractors and EPA Inspectors. Through a joint effort all 243 UST facilities owned by federal, state, or local governments received an inspection by the August 8, 2007 deadline. To view LDEQ's provided a report to EPA identifying and reporting compliance issues related to government owned and/or operated tanks in the state of Louisiana, click on the following link:

State Compliance Report on Government Owned and/or Operated USTs