When will NetDMR be available for my permit?

All permits are able to submit DMRs via NetDMR.

If you would like to double check,

  • log into NetDMR
  • click on your program service role on the MyCDX screen to proceed to NetDMR
  •  on the Louisiana DEQ NetDMR home screen, click the “Checking your Permit ID” link and enter your Permit ID to check it’s NetDMR availability status
Will all facilities be required to use NetDMR?

As of Decemeber 21, 2016, all facilities required to submit DMRs electronically via NetDMR. If you have not requested access to NetDMR, do so as soon as possible. While waiting for your request to be approved, continue submitting hardcopy DMRs so your data is submitted ontime.

Who can I contact with questions?

CDX/NetDMR Password and Security Question Issues: CDX Helpdesk 888-890-1995  

NetDMR Issues: Email deqnetdmr@la.gov or call Christine Mayeux 225-219-3767, Kathy Huddle 225-219-3752, Jinghua Wei 225-219-3810, Ereene Barry 225-219-3073, Kristin Shaffer 225-219-3786, or Mary Hughes 225-219-2516

USER REGISTRATION- What do I need to set up a NetDMR account?

Each person accessing NetDMR must set up their own account. You must have a valid email address. You may not use another individual’s email address. If you do not have a work or personal email address, you should create one. You will then set up security questions and a password (both are case sensitive).

USER REGISTRATION- Which user type should I choose when setting up my account?

When setting up your CDX/NetDMR account, you must choose one of the user types below:

  • Choose Permittee (signature) if you will be signing and submitting DMRs.
  • Choose Permittee (no signature) if you are directly employed with the company and will be editing or viewing DMRs.
  • Choose Data Provider if you are a third-party lab or consultant.


DO NOT choose Internal User. This is reserved for State and Federal Agency users.


ACCOUNT HELP- I am locked out of my account. How do I regain access?

Contact the CDX Helpdesk by emailing helpdesk@epacdx.net or by calling 888-890-1995 and they will assist you.

ACCOUNT HELP- I forgot my password or my password has expired. How do I reset it?

On the NetDMR login page:

  • Click the “Forgot Password?” link
  • Enter the email address and user ID associated with your NetDMR account
  • Acknowledge that you are the owner of the ID requested
  • Click “Submit”

You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Be sure to click the link only once. If you are still experiencing issues, email  helpdesk@epacdx.net or call 888-890-1995 for help.

ACCOUNT HELP- I don't remember my security questions. How do I check or reset them?

Log in to NetDMR. On the Central Data Exchange page:

  • Click on the "My Profile" tab
  • Click "Modify User Information" button
  • View your security questions and answers
  • Decide to keep or change them
  • Click "Save User Information" button

If you can't log in because you have forgotten the answers, email helpdesk@epacdx.net or call 888-890-1995 for help.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- Where are my DMR templates?

You must request and be approved access to your permit to be able to view DMRs. Click the "Request Access” link at the top left of the NetDMR Home Page and follow the prompts to begin this process to request signatory, permit administrator, edit or view rights.


This can be found listed in the water permit administered to your facility by the LDEQ. If you’re unable to locate your water permit, contact us at deqnetdmr@la.gov.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- My permit ID isn’t available.

Make sure you selected "NDMR-LA: NetDMR: Louisiana DEQ" as your State Agency (program service). You must enter all letters and numbers; ex: LAG157534.

If your permit ID still is not available for NetDMR, contact deqnetdmr@la.gov with your permit number and name of your facility.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- Which permittee role should I choose when requesting access to my permit?

When requesting access to your permit(s) within NetDMR, you must choose at least one following user roles:

  • Choose Signatory if you will be signing and submitting DMRs (automatically includes edit,view, and permit adminstrator rights)
  • Choose Edit if you will be entering the DMR data
  • Choose View if you will only be downloading completed DMRs
  • Choose Permit Administrator if you will be managing the user rights for others associated with the permit
REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- What information do I use for filling out the Subscriber Agreement?

Only users requesting “Signatory” rights will be required to fill out and submit a Subscriber Agreement (electronically or via paper). These users must meet the regulatory requirements for being a signatory or a delegated signatory (LAC 33:IX.2503). Delegated signatories will be required to enter the name, position title, phone number, and email address for the primary signatory that is delegating authority.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- Should I be delegated signatory authority? Who can delegate signatory authority?

Certain individuals are designated primary signatory authorities and may sign DMRs without prior signatory delegation; i.e. mayors, plant managers, company owners, etc. Signatory rights may be delegated to other individuals who meet the criteria found in LAC 33:IX.2503.B. If you are not already delegated signatory authorization to sign DMRs, you will need to be delegated by a primary signatory authority. No separate signatory delegation letter is required. If you have further questions on who can be a signatory, or who can receive signatory delegation, contact us at deqnetdmr@la.gov.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- What happens after I submit my Subscriber Agreement electronically or via paper?

LDEQ will receive your subscriber agreement and prepare your permit for NetDMR. First, the subscriber agreement will be reviewed for accuracy. Then, the signatory will receive an approval email from the LDEQ Permit Compliance Unit. Last, the signatory will receive a follow-up email once the limits are ready and NetDMR can be used. 

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- Where can I find my subscriber agreement?

Click “My Account” at the top left of the NetDMR Home Page. Under “My Permits” will be listed the permits you have requested or granted access to. Click the printer icon in the “Subscriber Agreement” column to view the Subscriber Agreement with the option to print.

REQUESTING PERMIT ACCESS- Who can approve my access request?

Signatory access can only be approved by LDEQ.

Edit, View, and additional Permit Administrator rights are approved by the facility’s previously approved Signatory or Permit Administrator.

DMR ISSUES- My DMR templates have the wrong due date, limits, parameters, etc.

Double check the DMR against your current permit. If the information is not up to date with the current permit, email deqnetdmr@la.gov with corrections.

SUBMITTING DMRs- How do I add attachments to my DMR submittal?

Click the “Add Attachment” button on the DMR screen. Click “Browse…” and select the document you wish to attach to the DMR. Although NetDMR accepts other file formats, for EDMS purposes, LDEQ only accepts PDF files. To avoid uploading issues, make the PDF file name simple and with no special characters.

SUBMITTING DMRs- How do I fix NetDMR validation errors?

Hard Errors (e.g. alpha character in a numeric only field, etc.) must be fixed in order the save the DMR.

Soft Errors must be addressed by reviewing the data. If the data is wrong, enter the correct data. If the data is correct, check the boxes in the “Acknowledge” column. Click “Save & Continue” then check status of the DMR.

Once all validation errors are addressed, the DMR status should read NetDMR Validated.

SUBMITTING DMRs- I forgot or need to reset my security questions to sign and submit a DMR?

Security questions used to sign and submit DMRs within NetDMR can only be updated by the Central Data Exchange (CDX) helpdesk. Email helpdesk@epacdx.net or call 888-890-1995 for help with your security questions.

SUBMITTING DMRs- How do I maintain records of my DMR submittal?

After the DMR has been signed and submitted, a COR (Copy of Record) is created. It is recommended that the CORs be downloaded to a local computer for ease of access during an inspection. **Hardcopy records will not be required for electronic submittals.**

  • The COR can be downloaded directly from NetDMR. This download will contain separate files for the DMR and each attachment.
  • Another option is downloading the COR from EDMS, which will combine the DMR with all attachments into one document. You will be emailed a link to your DMR in EDMS once it is ready to be viewed.
SUBMITTING DMRs- How do I revise DMRs?

Search for the DMR you wish to revise. Select “Correct DMR” in the drop down menu and click “GO”. Edit the DMR and click “Save & Continue”. Address any hard or soft errors. Once the DMR status is "NetDMR Validated", alert the permit signatory to sign and submit the revised DMR.

SUBMITTING DMRs- I want others to receive the DMR submittal confirmation emails, not just the signatory.

Permit Administrators may add additional email addresses to receive DMR submission notifications by clicking “Permits” under the Search tab at the top of the page. Enter the permit ID and click Search. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the additional email addresses, one at a time, that you want to receive DMR submission acknowledgments.

TRAINING- Is NetDMR training available? How do I register?

We offer monthly classes in various locations around Louisiana. For the class dates & registration as well as contact information, please see the NetDMR training page: