Water Quality Standards and Assessment

Water quality in Louisiana is managed under the two broad areas of surface water and groundwater. Surface water management seeks to protect the quality of all waters of the state, including rivers, streams, bayous, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, estuaries, and many other types of surface water. The Aquifer Evaluation and Protection Unit seeks to protect the quality of all waters found in underground aquifers as well as the surface water sources of that groundwater. For more information on surface water quality data, standards, and assessment please email the Water Planning and Assessment Division.

Current Events

FINAL DRAFT 2018 Louisiana Water Quality Inventory: Integrated Report (305(b)/303(d)) Water Quality Assessment - On December 4, 2018 the 2018 Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report was submitted to the U.S. EPA. The 2018 Integrated Report is provisional, pending approval by the U.S. EPA. Therefore, the information provided at this link is for informational purposes only. Until such time as EPA approves the 2018 Integrated Report the 2016 Report remains in force. 

Water Quality Trading

2016 Triennial Review - Surface Water Quality Standards for Louisiana

A Long-Term Vision for Assessment, Restoration, and Protection under the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Program

All Other Activities and Reports