Water Quality Standards and Assessment

Surface water management seeks to protect the quality of all waters of the state, including rivers, streams, bayous, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, estuaries, and many other types of surface water. For more information on surface water quality data, standards, and assessment please email the Water Planning and Assessment Division.

Current Events

LDEQ published a public notice on January 4, 2024 to solicit public comment on the 2024 IR Rationale and DRAFT §305(b)/§303(d) list. The 2024 IR assessment is not considered final at this time, the 2022 IR assessment is still the official report for permitting and other purposes. The deadline for receipt of comments was 4:30 p.m., Monday, February 5, 2024.

2022 Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report -  All 2022 IR documents have been updated based on corrections made after full approval by EPA of the 2022 IR on May 3, 2022. All corrections were public noticed between July 8, 2022 and August 11, 2022, with no comments received from the public or EPA. Therefore, all 2022 IR assessment are considered final and approved for all uses. 

For more information on the 2022 Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report please contact Ms. Rachael Mathews at (225) 219-3188 or by email at Rachael.Mathews@LA.GOV

Water Quality Trading

Triennial Review - Surface Water Quality Standards for Louisiana

A Long-Term Vision for Assessment, Restoration, and Protection under the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Program

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