Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

LDEQ's Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides environmental regulatory assistance and information to small businesses and communities.

A small business is defined as:

  • 100 or fewer employees
  • independently owned - not dominant in the field
  • not a major facility
  • not a publically traded company

SBEAP operates in accordance with the confidentiality option provided by the EPA Enforcement Response Policy, effective August 12, 1994, regarding Section 507 of the Clean Air Act. Under this policy, violations detected through assistance will be kept confidential.


Small Business Environmental Assistance – Concerning grants, loans, etc.

LDEQ's SBEAP helps the regulated community understand the environmental regulations that may affect them. SBEAP does not issue grants, loans, etc. Here are some other agencies that may be helpful:


CDX/NetDMR Assistance

SBEAP offers assistance with NetDMR. NetDMR is a web-based tool that allows facilities to electronically sign and submit LPDES discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to the LDEQ. For information about NetDMR, click here.

The CDX/NetDMR Assistance Sessions provide assistance in two ways:

  • LDEQ's SBEAP staff in conjunction with the LDEQ NetDMR Team will help permittees in setting up their CDX/NetDMR accounts in NetDMR. The LDEQ staff will help the permittees one-on-one to establish their username and password at the CDX level and request access to their permit(s) at the NetDMR level. You can bring a completed registration packet to the assistance or you can fill one out there (click here for the registration packet). Users who need help with already existing accounts are also welcome to attend. 
  • The LDEQ staff will also assist CDX/NetDMR Account Holders in submitting their NetDMRs.  Account holders are asked to bring in their lab results and be able to log in to their CDX/NetDMR accounts.  If you have attended one of our previous CDX/NetDMR REGISTRATION Assistance sessions, please bring your completed registration sheets (remember your security questions/answers).  If you need NetDMR Submittal Assistance, click here for the Guidance Document.

If you would like to suggest a session in your area in the future, please call the Small Business Hotline at (800) 259-2890 or email

Helpful Links


Notification of Change Form for ALL MEDIA (Water Permits, Air Permits, Waste Permits): NOC-1 Form

The following forms need a resubmittal of the original form if there is a change within the facility, ownership, etc.:



Environmental Air Regulations

Abrasive Blasting

Auto Body Shops

Bakeries, Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries

Chemical Formulators and Manufacturers

Crematories and Funeral Homes

Decorative Chromium Electroplating

Dry Cleaners

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

Gasoline Bulk Plants

Gasoline Stations

General Contractors

Individual Sewage Treatment

Oil and Gas Production

Ready-Mix Concrete Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Refrigeration AC

Rice Dry Feeder Mills

Shipyards and Surface Coating Operations

Wood Refinishers 


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Phone: (800) 259-2890 or (225) 219-3963 
FAX: (225) 219-3971