Storm Water Permit Resources

Storm Water SWPPP Templates, Guidance Documents and Links

Both LDEQ and EPA templates and guidance documents are available for the convenience of the permit applicants.  Please note that permit applicants are not required to use any specific SWPPP template.   Permit applicants may use any of the following templates or design their own SWPPP as long as the contents are in compliance with the applicable general permit.


  1. LDEQ Blank Construction General Permit SWPPP
  2. EPA’s Construction Storm Water SWPPP Guides
  3. East Baton Rouge Parish BMP Manual for Construction and Development
  4. Storm Water Guidance Document for Orleans and Jefferson Parishes
  5. Best Management Practices for Coastal Louisiana Nonpoint Source Pollution
  6. Louisiana Urban Storm Water Coalition
  7. Small (Phase II) MS4 Annual Report Form and Guidance
  8. Urbanized Area Maps for Phase II MS4s
  9. EPA's Menu of BMPs for Phase II MS4s
  10. EPA's Industrial Storm Water Discharger Fact Sheet Series
  11. EPA's Industrial Storm Water Monitoring and Sampling Guidance Document
  12. EPA's No Exposure Guidance Document for Industrial Storm Water
  13. Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Fact Sheet
  14. MS4 Technical Assistance Bulletin (Revised May 2019)


LDEQ's 2019 MS4 Conference Presentations

  1. Identifying Funding Resources for MS4s
  2. Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund
  3. Barksdale Airforce Base SWMP
  4. City of Gonzales SWMP
  5. Jefferson Parish SWMP (Phase I)
  6. Lafayette Consoldiated Government SWMP
  7. Lafayette Airport SWMP
  8. LDEQ MS4 Program Updates
  9. LDEQ Annual Report Reviews
  10. LDEQ Phase I Inspections
  11. LDEQ Phase II Inspections
  12. LDEQ Small Business Assistance
  13. Cross Lake Watershed Management (Shreveport)
  14. St. Charles Parish IDDE Program
  15. St. Tammany Parish Decentralized System Management Program
  16. St. Tammany Parish Adopt a Pond Program
  17. St. Tammany Parish Water Quality Impact Modeling
  18. Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans Phase I Permitting/Reporting Issues