2014 Water Quality Inventory: Integrated Report (305(b)/303(d))

The assessments contained in the 2014 Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report were superseded by the 2016 IR on February 10, 2017 and by subsequent IRs after that The 2014 IR was approved by EPA on July 21, 2015 and is included here only for historical reference. 

2014 Integrated Report of Water Quality in Louisiana (SUPERSEDED)

Full Text of 2014 Integrated Report  

Appendix A: 2014 Integrated Report of Water Quality in Louisiana: (EDMS, Excel

Appendix A: 2014 Integrated Report basin descriptions (EDMS)

EDMS link to Appendices B-E, which are described below.

Appendix B: 2014 Integrated Report of Water Quality in Louisiana - Category 1 Addendum: Appendix B contains waterbodies and suspected causes of impairment that were formerly considered impaired in the 2012 Integrated Report. They are no longer considered impaired based on the 2014 Integrated Report. More recent data or information was used to make this determination during development of the 2014 Integrated Report.

Appendix C: Complete list of suspected causes of impairment 

Appendix D: Complete list of suspected sources of impairment 

Appendix E: Complete listing of Louisiana's Ambient Surface Water Quality Network Sites 

Appendix F: Public Comments on the 2014 Integrated Report and LDEQ's Response to Comments

Appendix G: Louisiana's 2014 Section 303(d) List