Louisiana Water Quality Integrated Report (Clean Water Act Sections 305(b)/303(d))

The Integrated Report (IR) is the current format for the state’s biennial reports on the water quality of Louisiana surface waters. The IR, formerly known separately as the 305(b) Report and the 303(d) List, is a requirement of the federal Clean Water Act. It is developed every even numbered year and submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval of the 303(d) List portion of the report. Current and previous Water Quality Integrated Reports can be found below.

All 2022 IR documents have been updated based on corrections made after full appproval by EPA of the 2022 IR on May 3, 2022. All corrections were public noticed between July 8, 2022 and August 11, 2022, with no comments received from the public or EPA. Therefore, all 2022 IR assessment are considered final and approved for all uses. 

In preparation of the 2024 IR assessment, the LDEQ solicited third party data regarding those water body subsegments assessed by LDEQ with a public notice published on May 11, 2023. LDEQ encourages entities that regularly collect surface water chemical/physical data to upload their data through the EPA Water Quality Exchange (WQX) so that data can be easily accessed in an electronic and compatible format. The deadline for receipt of data was Thursday, June 15, 2023.




305(b) Reports and 303(d) Lists from prior to 2014, including related documents, are available in EDMS using AI # 169294 and “305(b)/303(d)” in the description.

More information on Louisiana's IR process can be obtained by e-mailing the Water Planning and Assessment Division or by phone at (225)219-3189.

EPA's How's My Waterway Tool

How's My Waterway was developed by EPA to display assessment data for all 50 states. Since states may assess waterbodies in different ways, the underlying assessment information is the same as LDEQs currently approved IR but may be displayed in a different manner. The tool allows the public to search EPA's ATTAINS database, which is populated by LDEQ and other state agencies, for water quality information pertaining to their community. The information contained in How's My Waterway, does not supersede LDEQ's own assessment information found in the preceding links.