AERR Facility Survey

The following survey should be completed by Friday, September 15th to assist LDEQ in providing comments on the U.S. EPA proposed AERR revisions. 

Please note, LDEQ cannot provide comment on behalf of facilities. You are encouraged to provide comment on the Proposed Rule through the Federal Register at  EPA-HQ-OAR-2004-0489.

Expanded Definition of Point Sources to Include Mobile Sources

EPA proposes to include a statement in 40 CFR §51.5(b) that would require States and owners/operators to include in their point source reports the emissions from those “mobile sources (excluding aircraft and ground support equipment (GSE)) operating primarily within the facility site boundaries of a point source or multiple adjacent point sources.” 

**This includes all sources defined as nonroad engines in LAC 33:III.502.A. When asked, EPA confirmed this would include water trucks. 

What is the average number of sources previously reported through ERIC for the facility?

Estimate the number of mobile sources operating solely for the function of the facility

Would including emissions from these sources impact the status of the facility with regard to the emissions reporting thresholds (criteria and/or toxics)?

Small Electric Generating Units (EGUs) Data Availability

The EPA proposes a definition of Small Generating Units to mean “any boiler, turbine, internal combustion engine or other unit that combusts fuel on an occasional basis to generate electricity for the electricity grid or for on-site use by a facility other than for emergency use.” 

**Data required includes date, fuel used or heat input by unit, and process. When asked, EPA confirmed this would include light stands. 

Estimate the number of small generating units at the facility.

Estimate the annual number of data points for each unit that includes the daily data (dates used). 

Estimate the number of small EGUs without daily data available.

Please list examples of sources where daily data is unavailable.

Contact Information (optional)

Please provide your name and email address if you are willing to let LDEQ staff contact you with follow-up questions.